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How to make EPS power to extend battery life

Date: 2014-08-11
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Battery occupies a very important position in the UPS and EPS power supply equipment, how to properly maintain the battery, so prolong life, to maximize the effect? Here I will describe briefly.

General UPS / EPS power supply 12V battery capacity, mostly in a, float voltage between 13.5V to 13.8V, the float voltage is too low, the battery can not be charged, the float voltage is too high, it will cause over-voltage charging, when the float when the charging voltage exceeds 14V overvoltage considered that charge, over-voltage charging can cause electrolyte in the water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen overflow, is what we usually see bulging battery, the battery life is shortened. Charging method should preferably be segmented current charging, i.e., using a larger initial charging current, charging time to a small current stage of charging switch to a smaller current, the charging is generally designed 0.1C . Such a charge mode though healthy, but not easy to maintain. For this series of questions, Biosensors power launched a new UPS / EPS power supply equipment, intelligent battery management, with internal analog switches automatically to achieve both, float too intelligent management, along with temperature compensation. This prevents overcharging of the battery caused by injury, while reducing the burden on staff daily work.

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