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eps power supply charger direct impact on battery life

Date: 2014-07-16
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EPS in the charger constant current constant voltage charging method commonly used two-stage charging mode or constant voltage limiting. Charger is good or bad influence on the larger battery life, you should ensure that the maximum charging current does not exceed the permissible value is equipped with a battery float voltage batteries comply with the recommended values, such as temperature compensation is better with high frequency ripple current should be controlled at a lower level. Of course, you can use other charging methods, such as cyclic charging, auto BC - float control, but the control is slightly more complicated. Mains is normal, EPS in the charger usually also need to control the system power supply. Chargers should have high reliability and good self-protection, should be able to adapt to a wide range of input AC voltage to ensure proper charging power in a variety of harsh environments and for the EPS control system power supply. Due to the power charger is small and most of the time working at light loads, the AC input power factor and harmonic content and other indicators are not very important. EPS chargers commonly used in high-frequency switching power supply technology, there are some high-power EPS adopts thyristor phase-controlled rectifier charger.

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