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2014 UPS uninterruptible power industry market analysis

Date: 2014-07-16
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According to "2014-2018 China Market Outlook UPS power industry strategic planning and investment analysis report" analysis, the development of China started late 80 years since the last century UPS power now, after 20 years of development, has been in industrial control, communications, medical, fields of computer, communications, banking, securities and other widely used to achieve successful solution to the power outage and poor power quality problems.


Compared to traditional AC UPS power flow power supply, higher reliability, the trend has gradually replaced the traditional UPS. In addition, there are scholars of traditional UPS, modular UPS and compare three high-voltage DC power supply, the results show that high-voltage DC power supply operating costs even lower than the modular UPS. Therefore, telecom operators increasingly tend to use high-voltage DC power supply.


This trend can be seen from China Telecom's purchase: Back in 2007, China Telecom began 240V for the promotion and application of HVDC technology. After extensive pilot, China Telecom has worked in 2010 and twice in 2011 issued a document from the group level, requiring the provinces to promote the high-voltage DC power supply applications. Since then, high-voltage DC power supply in China Telecom in 2012 and 2013 procurement of power products also occupy an important position.


Based on the above analysis, I believe, in the long run, the traditional UPS in some areas have been replaced by high-voltage DC power supply is the trend. But now the advantages of the modular UPS still evident, as the industry and in-depth research, there is a modular UPS cost reduction of space, which is also expected to further enhance the reliability, therefore, modular UPS remains highly competitive. In view of this situation, it is recommended to follow the market trend of traditional UPS business to the modular transformation, increase the development of new products, in order to compensate for the results of traditional products declined due to lack of demand.


7 Emerson Network Power: build a full range of innovative solutions to deal with the data center

At present, the information technology in all sectors has been widely used, and with the user to achieve a depth of business process integration, data centers have become industrial users an integral part of business development. With cloud computing, networking, a large amount of data and continuous data, such as the rise of 4G and mature application of new technologies, major industries and enterprise IT users of information systems are growing increasingly large and complex system, thereby making data centers face the challenge of increasingly grim.


Specifically, in the case of wide application of new technologies, increasing the size of the data center, its equipment deployment showing a "high-density, high energy consumption, isomerization" features, operation and maintenance management are increasingly complex, data center operational efficiency, reliability and energy efficiency have become increasingly demanding, need to build next-generation data centers to green energy, efficient operations, a new operating state of dynamic response to meet the ever changing IT needs. In this context, for critical infrastructure applications brought high demand, the industry urgently needs to be able to meet the user under the new situation demands the application of innovative products and solutions to address the current challenges, effectively solve the practical problems faced by data centers .


Currently the actual demand data center industry trends and new users, the industry mainstream network equipment and suppliers of energy integration solutions, Emerson Network Power believes, based on the starting point of each data center construction industry users, both from a tactical point of view view, or from a strategic height, the science-based and proven methods, the use of targeted products and solutions to build a solid infrastructure platform for the data center to ensure the success of the challenge, so as to successfully carry out the business of providing reliable user protection is essential.


In the "2014 China International Data Centre Technology & Equipment Exhibition", the Emerson Network Power to bring its full range of data center edge products and solutions wonderful debut for the industry to fully demonstrate the company's data center in the field of strong production, research and development overall strength. High-quality products and solutions which cover all aspects of the data center at the show shine, the show attracted great attention of the audience.


For a long time, Emerson Network Power data center operations always achieve long-term strategic planning as the company an important part of the data center market has given more attention, and on this basis, Emerson Network Power continues to invest in technology research and development, from power products, refrigeration equipment to meet the needs of different sizes of a variety of data center applications solutions, from energy management systems to data center infrastructure management solutions, has introduced just the right products and solutions based on the latest market changes and customer needs, stability of various industries to carry out its core business to provide a solid guarantee.


For example, Emerson Network Power With special advantages comprehensive product line, rich experience in the implementation, the latest SmartSolutions series of intelligent data center solutions that are based on IT technology trends, combined with networking, big data, cloud computing applications demand, innovative technology to create modular data centers with highly-targeted solutions, from supply and distribution, cooling, monitoring of the most critical data center infrastructure implementation. As a prefabricated and easy to integrate and deploy solution, SmartSolutions be configured to accelerate the implementation of interoperable systems, adapt to change and reduce costs, allowing customers to cost-effective way to achieve the desired capacity, efficiency, availability and other key data center goals, and in the actual operation, to bring customers high reliability, high flexibility, high economy, high synergy core value. It is important, SmartSolutions covers a variety of high-quality solutions that demand for different occasions, can scale to meet the different needs of different users based on specific circumstances.


In addition, for the increasingly urgent demand for data center management, with Emerson Network Power to create across IT and physical infrastructure capacity TrellisTM dynamic infrastructure optimization platform, has brought a new value for the data center operation and management. TrellisTM platform is a complete data center infrastructure management solutions for a new set of hardware and software components, and real-time data collection from the IT infrastructure and critical infrastructure equipment through a lot, and then analyze aggregated into a simple and effective presentation modules to the user, the data center provides outstanding visibility and controllability. Collected data showing the overall performance rather than separate parts of the data center, data center managers can help achieve smart, quick decisions to a greater extent to improve the availability, efficiency and capacity of the data center.


Now, faced with a huge industrial innovation, the development of next-generation data center trends increasingly clear that safe, reliable, flexible and efficient, green energy-saving features by the users of all ages in various fields, which also led to the development of related applications. In the "2014 China International Data Centre Technology & Equipment Exhibition", the number of brands to bring the most advanced data center technologies and applications of innovative products and solutions, which stood in the forefront of technology Emerson Network Power, is by virtue of complete products and solutions, won the first prize at the show. Emerson Network Power to build the whole data center products and solutions, not only conforms to the new trends, and fully take into account the return on investment of user data center construction, construction costs, operating costs and availability, scalability, manageability, etc. the actual situation in various fields for the data center construction provides strong support for the user.

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