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This product is used to convert DC power supplied by storage battery to sinusoidal AC power and feed the power to grid. As it can release energy of storage battery without energy consumption, it does not have high heat radiation, so that fire danger is avoided and energy is saved. Compared with traditional resistive discharge device or energy-consuming electronic discharge device, it has remarkable advantages.
S-UPS power supply system is a high-reliability, small-sized, modular UPS power supply system designed specially for single power source equipment with high requirements for power supply reliability, such as PLC, server and other important loads. This system mainly consists of charging rectification module, inversion module, STS static transfer switchover module, monitoring system, and lithium and iron phosphate battery pack. The charging rectification module and the inversion module allow 1+1 parallel redundancy, and the modules are independent of each other without master/slave definition and with equal load sharing. The charging rectification module, the inversion module, and the STS static transfer switchover module allow hot plugging.
The EPS(fire emergency lighting power supply) offered by the Company is an EPS firefighting emergency power supply system produced strictly according to the Fire Emergency Lighting System (GB17945-2010), the Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification of Fire Alarm Products (CNCA-C18-01:2014), and the Detailed Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification of Fire Alarm Products, Fire Emergency Lighting Products and Evacuation Direction Products (CCCF-HZBJ-02(A1)), mainly using high-reliability and easy-maintenance modular solutions.
Three phases input has lightening and EMI flittering technology to absorb the residual voltage lightning and power spikes. Utilize passive PFC technology, power factor above 0.9, using soft-switching technology, efficiency up to 95%. CPU Inside, chines menu LCD display, button operation, easy and convenient. Hot plugged-in , maintenance on-line conveniently. With electromagnetic compatibility and safety measures, in accordance with IEC standard.
DLP series modular electrical UPS is especially designed for the characterization and requirement of electrical system. UPS modular supports hot plugged-in architecture, and it makes backup easy due to modular design. It can realize on-line switch efficiently, thus it improved the reliability of system due to modular architecture. DLP module capacity: 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 5kVA, 6kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA. Support 19 inch rack or cabinet installation.   DLP series module
PSN-DY series AC/DC integrated power supply is designed for the scenarios such as substation, trail transportation AC/DC and EPS.    Component:     1)AC cabinet: The device output AC power to load to realize dual way switching. 2) DC cabinet: DC cabinet is consists of AC input unit, output units, voltage regulation, failure inspection and smart monitor, etc.     3) DC distribution cabinet: It is consists of isolation monitor unit, DC feeder circuit, status inspection to realize the distribution of DC.     4) EPS cabinet: It is consists of inverter module, ATS device, AC contacts, STS module, breakers and bus, etc. 5) Battery cabinet: battery group installed in the battery cabinet.     Features:       All digital control  ...
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