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Modular inverter

Date: 2014-07-12

Modular inverter

SNT Series inverter module (2U height)


Modular inverter

SNT series inverter module (3U height)







All digital control    

Module utilizes 32 bits DSP all digital SPWM control technology with good anti-interference ability, high speed and intelligence, high accuracy and good quality output waveform.

Multi-function setting up   

It can setup multiple working status by DIP switches behind the module conveniently and reliably such as bypass or no bypass, bypass or inverter priority.

N+X redundancy parallel design

It can be composed into N+X parallel redundancy system with high reliability. The amount of module parallel is up to 16 sets, and it supports hog plugged-in, flexible configuration.

Equalization independently

Each module’s running and parallel is accomplished by DSP inside of the module, no need to configure additional control unit but has good effect on equalization.   

Battery protection

System automatically detect voltage of battery, module will shut down when voltage of battery is lower than value of allowed to avoid the affection due to the operation of over discharging.

Monitor management   

LCD display the failure audible alarm with Chinese menu interface, it can display and setup the working status and parameters clearly. System has RS232/RS485 remote telecommunication interface with easy operation.

When one failure occurs, there the failure audible alarm will trigger. There is mute button to eliminate the sound and light alarm. when one failure occurs, the alarm will trigger again.

High density

Inverter module utilizes high frequency inverting technology and all digital control technology. The high frequency transformer replaces the traditional big heavy frequency transformer, and it makes module smaller and less weight, just 1/5 of traditional product.

Smart fan

Fans can adjust the speed according the temperature and load to ensure the noise and efficiency on the condition that modules are working normally.

Standard architecture

Module supports 19’ standard design, easy cabling and installation. It can install independently installed or installed in cabinet, and it is compatible with physical shape compared with the main device in telecommunication and electrical engine room.

Flexible configuration

It can be composed with DC cabinet into AC/DC power system, sharing battery group and monitor to realize unified management.

Flexible usage

It can be independently used in single phase or use mains to realize non-interrupted power supply system. It can be composed into single phase parallel system or easily be composed into three-phase parallel system.

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