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With the vigorous development of rail transportation industry, it put forward strict requirement on safety and reliability. For realizing the requirement on safety and efficient, each subway station should configure PSD or security door. The characterization of load is different from general power supply , so it is needed to develop one specified product to provide  non-interrupted power supply.


Because most of the station is underground, once the emergent affairs happens there will be agreat threaten on safe, so the emergency lighting is critical in rail transportation industry.To ensure the lighting supply, it needs one stable EPS power supply to guarantee. Centralized modular EPS has the characterization with high reliability and less failure, high maintainability

It is appropriate with subway and other critical scenarios, and it is a new generation high quality power supply product.

2、PSD power supply solution:

1)Drive and control integrated mode:

One battery group for backup supply, sharing charging module to reduce the cost. Drive and control power supply work independently, sharing one monitoring system to optimize value for money.

2) Drive and control independent  mode:

 Drive and control power supply utilize two sets of independent UPS system, each configure battery group and charging module to improve the independence of each system. To utilize sharing monitor system and independent monitor system for option.

3) DC panel interconnection mode:

This solution is general similar with“drive and control integrated mode”, the different is that it needs to configure battery groups and charging module, the backup power supply is connected with DC Panel outside, thus it is rational to use DC panel resources maximum.  


1)Drive and control integrated mode:


 Rail transport industry solution


 2)Drive and control independent mode:

 Rail transport industry solution


 3)DC panel interconnection mode:


 Rail transport industry solution


3、EPS power supply solution:

1)Integrated EPS power system: EPS system configures battery group for backup supply, and system has charging module realize      the charging and discharging management. To utilize multiple parallel redundant inverters to realize inverter switching, it can get the characterization with high reliability and fast switching.

2)DC panel interconnected EPS power system: EPS system doesn’t need to configure battery and charging module but directly interconnected with DC panel, to utilize external DC power to be backup supply.


1)Integrated EPS power system:


 Rail transport industry solution


2)DC panel interconnected EPS power system:


 Rail transport industry solution


4、Features and highlights

All digital control

Each module is one complete double-loop control system, DSP inside is responsible for module control and switching, parallel mathematics operation, trouble-shooting and communication. And it can realize monitoring function and displaying status information itself.

No master-salve parallel, equalization independently.

Each module can realize no master-slave parallel and equalization independently. Each module is independent, the communication between each module is realized by the module itself, no need to configure additional device free from outside interference, so it is successful to avoid single failure. There is no affection when the module is plugged-in or plugged out.

Hot plugged-in technology

Modular design realize the hot plugged-in technology, the operation plugged in-out can be achieved online. It makes configuration flexible, reliability increasing and maintenance easier.

Online double conversion technology

Each module realizes electrical isolation by double conversion inside of each module.

Convenient communication system

Monitor system configure big touching screen, it can inspect and display the status and information of each module, and configure the adjustment function. System has configure the RS485 , RS232 and IP telecommunication interface.    










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