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 Modular electrical UPS solution



DLP series modular UPS system is specially developed by the characteristics and requirements of electrical system. For convenience of installation and maintenance, UPS module utilizes hot plugged-in function and it makes redundancy much easier and makes maintenance much more efficiency on site. Due to the architecture of system, it improves the reliability of system greatly and it is appropriate with those application scenarios like sub-station, power plant. It can satisfy the requirement such as high reliability and on-line maintenance.


2、Schematics and component



Modular electrical UPS solution 

UPS circuit: UPS Circuit is consists of multiple of DLP series UPS module, and each module can work independently and support hog plugged-in.

Monitoring system: PM series monitoring system utilizes distribution architecture, it is composed by main monitor unit, AC monitor unit, DC monitor unit, switching-value monitor unit.

Redundant design: UPS module can achieve N+1 redundancy backup, greatly improved reliability.

3、Features and highlights

Electrical isolation

Complete isolation between the 220V DC BUS and input & output of system.

All digital control 

Utilize 32 bit DSP all digital SPWM control technology, it has high anti-interference ability, high speed, high intelligence, high precision control and high quality waveform.

N+1 redundancy design

It can be composed to N+1 redundancy system with high reliability, and the amount of module up to 16.

Equalization independently technology

Each module works on parallel controlled by DSP inside with great effect on equalization.

Hot plugged-in function

UPS module support hog plugged-in function and there is no need to make any configuration or any operation on module when module is plugged in. The module will come into the normal working status. It makes maintenance much easier ,safe and efficient.

Monitoring management

UPS module has LCD chines display menu and failure audible alarm, and it can display and setup the working stature and parameters of module. Each module has RS232/RS485 telecommunication interface.





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