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FD1100 series discharging module is especially designed for electrical system. The product has utilized advanced embedded-in technology and mixture signal processor technology. To use active inverter technology to transfer battery DC power into pure sine waveform AC Power, which feedbacks to the grid. To ensure the accuracy of current is no more than 1%. Because it doesn’t utilize consuming way to discharging energy of battery without high heat radiation, avoiding the fire hazard and energy saving. It has significant advantages compared traditional resistance discharging and energy-based power electronic components in recent years. It is suited in substation, power plant and DC panel in telecommunication engine room which has a great large of battery group, it is used for activation of battery an periodically check the battery capacity discharge.

The discharging module supports 19 inch, 23 inch and 25 inch cabinet design, it is easy to install in place which is up to the scenarios.

Active discharging power system


2U Heighth


Active discharging power system


3U Heighth

Battery voltage 220V:10-40A(capacity)

Battery voltage 110V: 20A(capacity)


2、 Schematics


 Active discharging power system




Complete isolated inverter technology, output pure sine waveform AC power without noise.

Inverter unit utilizes advanced high frequency SPWM and unipolar frequency doubling technology with small size and pure waveform.

Protection function: input over voltage and low voltage, output over voltage and low voltage, over temperature and short circuit protection.

Monitor display in front of module, status and information is clear to see.



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