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PSN-DY series AC-DC integrated power system is developed to solve the problems in sub-station and some emergent application scenarios. Power supply is the basis for the safe operation of the substation. Compact, economical and reliable power substation AC-DC integrated model has broad application prospects.


AC-DC integrated power solution


1) AC panel: the panel provides AC power to the load, and AC inputs configures switching device to realize two-way input switching.

2)DC panel: the panel is consists of AC input unit, voltage regulation unit, failure inspection unit and intelligent monitor unit. The monitor system is consists of main monitor PM5, AC/DC Monitor unit PMX-JC2、switching value monitor unit PM3K and battery inspection unit PM2B. System has configure RS485、RS232 and RJ45 interface, it can realize the communication with the PC computer on backstage.

3)DC distribution panel: it is consists of insolation inspection unit, DC feeder circuit, status inspection, and it realize the distribution to the DC load.

4)EPS panel: it is consists of inverter module, switching module, AC contactor, Static switching module, breakers and BUS.

5)Battery panel: install battery groups.

3、Features and highlights 

All digital control

Each module is one complete double-loop control system, DSP inside is responsible for module control and switching, parallel mathematics operation, trouble-shooting and communication. And it can realize monitoring function and displaying status information itself.

No master-salve parallel, equalization independently.

Each module can realize no master-slave parallel and equalization independently. Each module is independent, the communication between each module is realized by the module itself, no need to configure additional device free from outside interference, so it is successful to avoid single failure. There is no affection when the module is plugged-in or plugged out.

Hot plugged-in technology

Modular design realize the hot plugged-in technology, the operation plugged in-out can be achieved online. It makes configuration flexible, reliability increasing and maintenance easier.

Online double conversion technology

Each module realizes electrical isolation by double conversion inside of each module.

Convenient communication system

Monitor system configure big touching screen, it can inspect and display the status and information of each module, and configure the adjustment function. System has configure the RS485 , RS232 and IP telecommunication interface.      



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