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STS dual power switching device is designed to improve the reliability of electricity loads and design of high-speed electronic switching. General power systems use dual power supply, such as dual mains or one mains plus one UPS. However, the more reliable method is to use dual UPS method, which is widely used din IDC engine room, branch of bank, china telecom, china mobile and electrical system. For dual power supply, how to realize the safe quick and efficient switching is directly to affect the reliability of electrical system. Especially the outage time is severely strict in so many application scenarios, such as the outage time is no more than 10ms, in some case is less than 5ms. For this requirement, normal mechanical ATS device is not satisfied, but high speed static switching module can realize dual power supply switching quickly, safely and efficiently.


Through several of accumulated technology and continuous efforts, Pulsen technology has solved the problems with quick power –off detection by using the characterization with quick calculation and procession real time. According to different requirement, Pulsen technology has developed different power level such as single phase STS, three phases STS. Until now, Pulsen technology has realized the shortest switching time is: power-off switching≤4mS, priority switching≤1.5mS, it is perfectly satisfied with the requirement for critical loads. Since 2005, when STS module is running into market, it won the unanimous recognition and praise from customers and sold in large quantities to Europe and other overseas markets.

2、STS Schematics


 Static dual power switching power solution



3、Classical application solution


 Solution 1: 2 mains supply


 Static dual power switching power solution


Solution 2: 2 UPS supply



 Static dual power switching power solution



Solution 3:  one mains, one UPS supply



 Static dual power switching power solution



Solution 4: Large capacity UPS and mains using parallel and distribution supply


 Static dual power switching power solution


Solution 5: Dual BUS for backup supply


 Static dual power switching power solution




High quality components

The main components utilize imported international brands, such as DSP processor TMS320F2406A is manufactured by America TI company and static switch SCR CS30-16、CS60-16 is manufactured by in America IXYS company.   

All digital control

To utilize 32 bits DSP processor with all digital detection, control technology, high anti-interference ability, high speed and intelligence, flexible control and high precision.

Automatic and manual switching

To utilize the front panel to setup to choose which input supply has priority or to use manual way to realize dual power supply switching.

Choose the best power supply

STS module can setup the qualified range of voltage and frequency of dual power supply to ensure the safety of load. According to the scenarios of loads, STS module can setup the automatic switching threshold range and overrun protection shutdown threshold range, STS module can choose the better quality power supply to load with priority by setting up the parameters. If both dual power supply is beyond the parameter setting, STS module will automatically shutdown to protect loads.  

Monitor management

The five signal lights (three of which are two-color light) of front panel can be comprehensive variety of working conditions reflect STS module, clear, easy to use. STS module has RS232/485 communication interface, easy to incorporate local or remote monitoring system and management.

Sound and light alarm

If the failure occurs, STS module will trigger sound and light alarm and there is mute button to eliminate the alarm. It will trigger again when a new failure occurs.

Comprehensive protection function

STS module has comprehensive protection function, including over-temperature protection, input over-voltage protection, output over-current protection. STS open circuit and short circuit protection, over-load shutdown protection, etc.

Short switching time

Shutdown switching time is ≤4mS, priority switching time is ≤1.5mS.

Standard architecture

To utilize modular 19’ design, it is easy with cabling and it is compatible with shape in telecommunication, electrical engine room and some other devices.

 High efficiency

STS module has high frequency >99% with compact architecture, small size and less weight. And it is easy for installation.

Flexible usage

It has good applicability, and the power supply is not just UPS but two random sine waveform AC power supply.











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