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Active Feedback Discharging Module


           Active Feedback Discharging Module

This product is used to convert DC power supplied by storage battery to sinusoidal AC power and feed the power to grid. As it can release energy of storage battery without energy consumption, it does not have high heat radiation, so that fire danger is avoided and energy is saved. Compared with traditional resistive discharge device or energy-consuming electronic discharge device, it has remarkable advantages.  

Main characteristics

High efficiency and energy saving

It can convert power energy of storage battery to AC power and feed the power to grid, with reduced reactive loss.

Active feedback

It can transmit power energy of storage battery to grid after conversion of the power to AC power, and the energy of the storage battery can be fully utilized.

Digital control

Using 32-bit DSP digital and high-frequency SPWM technology, it is characterized by strong anti-interference ability, high operational speed, high intelligence, and high control precision.

Monitoring management

With LCD panel, it shows clearly the discharge capacity, voltage, current and other relevant information.

Discharge management

User can set the discharge capacity and discharge current, and the discharge will be stopped automatically after reaching the preset discharge capacity.

Protection function

It has protection against input overvoltage/under-voltage, output overvoltage/under-voltage, overtemperature, and short circuit. 

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