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S-UPS Power Supply System


S-UPS Power Supply System

                                                                                                         Product form: 700mm (width)×1000mm (height)×350mm (depth), power 

                                                                                                         1~9kVA, allowing mounting on wall, beside wall and on floor.


S-UPS Power Supply System

S-UPS power supply system is a high-reliability, small-sized, modular UPS power supply system designed specially for single power source equipment with high requirements for power supply reliability, such as PLC, server and other important loads. This system mainly consists of charging rectification module, inversion module, STS static transfer switchover module, monitoring system, and lithium and iron phosphate battery pack. The charging rectification module and the inversion module allow 1+1 parallel redundancy, and the modules are independent of each other without master/slave definition and with equal load sharing. The charging rectification module, the inversion module, and the STS static transfer switchover module allow hot plugging.

Main characteristics

Modular redundancy

The core parts allow redundancy and mutual backup configuration, so that the equipment failure rate can be greatly reduced.

Allowing hot plugging

The core parts allow hot plugging, so that any faulty parts can be simply changed and the whole system can be conveniently maintained.

Main/standby power supply

The main power supply is rectified inversion power supply, and the standby power supply is supply from mains supply. It allows quick switchover between the main supply and the standby supply (≤4ms), so that power interruption caused by failure of the UPS device itself can be avoided. Power supply of higher quality can be selected automatically based on setting. 

Battery and management

Lithium and iron phosphate battery is used, and intelligent battery management is provided. It allows automatic activation maintenance of storage battery based on features of the battery, so that the service life of the storage battery can be greatly prolonged (up to the design service life of the battery).

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