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 EPS(fire Emergency Power Supply for lighting)

 PSN series EPS power system


1、 Summary

PSN series EPS is the high performance power system with new-generation technology, and it is designed to satisfy the different application scenarios such as subway, railway, power plant, sub-station and airport. The manufacture process is strictly according with the national standard 《GB17945-2000》、《GB16806-2006》and electrical field standard《DL/T459-2000》,etc.


2、Schematics diagram


EPS(fire Emergency Power Supply for lighting) 


1) Charging circuit:  to adopt K3 series intelligence high-frequency switching power module , it is used to supply the power to the battery group and inverters. Charging module supports hot plugged-in function.

2)inverter circuit: it is consist of multiple SNT series inverters which support hot plugged-in function. The inverter can work independently.

3)Monitoring system:PM5 monitoring system adopts distribution architecture, it is consist of main monitor unit, AC monitor unit, DC monitor unit, switching-value monitor unit, battery inspection unit, etc.


4)Redundancy design: Both charging module and inverter module support N+1 redundancy backup, it improve the reliability of system greatly.


3、Main characteristics

Modular redundancy

The core parts allow redundancy and mutual backup configuration, so that the equipment failure rate can be greatly reduced.

Allowing hot plugging

The core parts allow hot plugging, so that any faulty parts can be simply changed and the whole system can be conveniently maintained.

 ◆Battery and management

Intelligent battery management is provided, and it allows automatic activation maintenance of storage battery based on features of the battery, so that the service life of the storage battery can be greatly prolonged (up to the design service life of the storage battery).
Long service life

Industrial grade parts and components of famous brands are used, so the whole system can run continuously for 10 years or longer.

Monitoring management

True color touch screen of industrial grade is used as human-machine interface in the main monitoring system, with intelligent and simple graphic operating system. It can give out sound and light alarm upon fault, and RS485/Ethernet communication interface and dry contact are provided.

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