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     PSN-N series modular electrical inverter solution is specially developed for substation and power plant, converting the DC power to high quality sine wave AC power, it is widely used in electrical system to provide high quality power supply for some critical device on site.

     PSN-N series electrical inverter utilizes modular, hot plugged-in design, and use LCD display, chines menu display ,the module has button to setup configuration. NT series inverter can be composed to be one redundant system parallel or can be used independently.


1)Monitor system :

     To utilize distribution architecture, it is consists of Main monitor unit  PM5, AC monitor unit PM3A, DC monitor unit PM3D ,switching value unit PM3K and other inspection components. It use big screen to display and monitor status of system online. System configures RS232 and RS485 telecommunication interface.

2)Digital high-frequency inverter module:

     Utilize modular online double conversion technology to realize AC/DC zero time switching. The shape of module is horizontal architecture, it support hot plugged-in design, and configure LCD monitor, chines menu display and it is easy to setup and check the paraments.


1、single phase solution( bypass unit inside)


 Inverter Power supply solution

2、 single phase solution( bypass outside)


 Inverter Power supply solution


3、 three phases solution

1、single phase solution( bypass unit inside)


Inverter Power supply solution  

4、Features and highlights

     All digital control

     Inverter module utilize 32 bits DSP all digital SPWM control technology with good anti-interference ability, high speed and high quality sine wave output.

     Multifunction setting

     It is easy and reliable to setup multiple working status by the DIP switch, such as bypass/ non bypass、bypass or inverter priority. It is convenient to setup output voltage 220V~240V.

     N+X redundancy design

    The module can be composed to N +X redundancy system with high reliability, the amount of each module is up to 16. It supports hot plugged-in with flexible configuration.

     Equalization independently

     DSP inside independently control the running and parallel operation, and it is no need to configure additional device to control but have good effect on equalization.  

     Battery protection

     When battery voltage is lower than voltage allowed, then module will trigger alarm and shut down to avoid the threaten on usage life for deep discharging.

     Monitor management

     LCD display configure failure audible alarm with Chinese operation interface,  it can display and setup status and parameters. System has RS232/RS485 remote telecommunication interface , operation and inspection is very easy.

      High density

      Inverter utilize high frequency inverter technology and all digital control technology, high frequency transformer replace traditional frequency inverter. It make the size and the weight reduced, just 1/5 of tradition product.

      Smart fan

      Smart fan can adjust speed according the temperature to ensure the efficiency and noise under the condition that the module is working normal.

      Standard architecture  

      Module architecture utilizes 19 inch design, easy cabling and installation. It can support installation independently and installed in cabinet.

      Flexible configuration

      It can compose DC panel into AC-DC integrated system, sharing battery group and monitor resource to realize centralized management.

     Flexible usage

     It can provide power by inverter independently or using mains to realize uninterrupted supply. It can compose single phase system or compose three phases to provide three phases AC power.






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