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Three phase Static Transfer Switch

The three-phase static transfer switch is a product specially designed for key equipment requiring uninterrupted power supply, and a contactless electronic switch device designed to realize mutual backup and quick switchover between two three-phase AC power supplies. It allows automatic or manual switchover, and the switchover time is ≤6ms so that continuous power supply to key equipment can be ensured. 

Main characteristics

Switchover between two power supplies

It realizes reliable redundant power supply for key equipment. 

Automatic selection of better supply

It can select automatically a power supply of higher quality based on parameter setting.

Short switchover time

Switchover time ≤6ms.

High reliability

Digital control

Using 32-bit DSP digital detection and control technology, it is characterized by strong anti-interference ability, high operational speed, high intelligence, and high control precision.

High adaptability

The power supply may be any two AC power supplies with sinusoidal output.

Monitoring management 

The indicator lamp panel can give out sound and light alarm upon fault, and RS485 communication and fault dry contact are provided.  

Protection function

It has protection against input overvoltage/under-voltage, output overload, and overtemperature.

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